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That One in the corner
Date: 2008-04-18 05:33
Subject: Just a quick, overdue notice of status.
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It seems life has caught up with me, and not in a good way. More to come when I'm not running around madly like a flaming chicken without a head.

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That One in the corner
Date: 2008-03-29 11:28
Subject: (no subject)
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So we got to San Francisco okay. We arrived yesterday, at around 12:00 pm local. This is of course after our first flight was cancelled, having to reschedule flights for the next day, madly trying to find a medicine strong enough to sedate our small dog, packing everything, in the end deciding to simply leave her at home and let my brother take care of her, watching at my iPod simply decided to STOP WORKING 15 minutes into the flight, and enduring 5+ hours on one of the worst, most uncomfortable flights of my life trapped between two complete strangers, each about as social as I am (meaning, not very).

Deep breath, Kiki.

But we got to the city okay, with all limbs in place. Sure, I'm a little worse for wear in terms of sanity points, but I'll just get a Pure Leaf and be on my way! (Sorry, rather vague Shadow Hearts reference for those who didn't get it. Don't worry, it was lame anyways.)

Of course, after getting of the plane, I was shuffled off to go get my teeth cleaned at our family dentist. Funny how after living in Tallahassee for a few years now, we still have a general dentist in San Francisco, three-thousand miles across the bloody country.

Afterwards, we went to go visit my grandfather. Who's in the hospital.

Enduring radiation therapy. It's a heartbreaking sight. I am very, very glad (okay, estatic, really) to say that he looks so much better than the last time I saw him. The fact that he recognized me this time really does help. It hurts when someone you love doesn't know who you are.

To be quite honest, I didn't really want to see him on my first day back, instead hoping to just go to the hotel, freshen up and start again the next day. Mainly because I knew that someone would start crying (Perhaps it would be me, perhaps him, or perhaps someone else in my family. Regardless, it's like a Devil May Cry game; someone always cries.) and that would just ruin my entire trip.

But we went, and I was so happy to see him. As expected, he began to cry a few times, but I don't blame him. I had to take a few deep breaths to hold back my own tears.

We're going to see him again today.

After visiting him, we decided to go grab a bite to eat. We have a list of places we need to visit, sights we need to see and restaraunts we need to eat at. Mainly places we used to be regulars at. Yesterday, we decided to go to Khan Tok, an excellent Thai place on Geary. If anyone ever hits San Francisco, I recommend going there (and maybe mentioning that the Phans sent you!). It's absolutely wonderful. We got there a little early, so we were planning on just waiting outside until they opened, but when they saw us, they insisted that we come in.

There was a lot of catching up to be had, a good number of "Wow! You've gotten big!"s, and very, very good food to be enjoyed. It's funny. I didn't realize quite how much I missed the food until I had some in my stomach.

They even had my favorite dessert, mango with sticky rice, which is usually very seasonal and only available once in a blue moon. It was like heaven (and that's saying something because I'm an athesit... or agnostic, if you want to be technical).

I was home.

Kind of. I'd grown up in the city. It was and forever will be my hometown. It doesn't matter where I live now, that queer little place will always be home.

It hurts to see almost everything being the same, but knowing that I no longer live here. It hurts to see places I'd used to visit everyday afterschool still standing, and other places that I'd known all of my life, to be gone, replaced by other things.

I'll have to end this here because I need to go, but I'll be sure to build upon this later. (And spell check.... I can already tell there are going to be a hells worth of spelling and grammatical errors to be seen.)

One last thing I will say: it's amazing how much a smoothie with tapioca pearls can help make me feel so much better.

(Guh, that sentence hurts my brain. SPELLCHECK!!! D: )

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That One in the corner
Date: 2008-03-17 22:19
Subject: Supernatural (specifically Jensen Ackles), fandom muses, and life problems
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Tags:devil may cry, life, supernatural

New fandom. I've actually been meaning to visit it for a while, get a feel for things and see if I like it and now I'm in love. With Dean. Friggin' Jensen Ackles. Who might also be playing Leon S Kennedy in the next Resident Evil movie. I think I might just have to watch the movies if he's introduced. I don't even like RE (the movies or games), but seeing as it's Leon, DMC was intended to be a spinoff (which means it can't all be bad) and Capcom is pretty cool, I might just have to look into things. But that's going off onto a tangent.

Supernatural. I just watched the first three episodes and I must say, it's the right amount of creepy paranormal mystery-solving that I can handle in 45 minute segments. Course, then again, I'm a whimp and almost impossibly easy to scare, so screaming like a little girl is probably in my near future whether I like it or not.

Kind of makes me wish I didn't spoil most of the series for myself. Once I realized "Hey, this might actually be cool to watch", I ceased and desisted with the Wikipedia searching, but some key points still stood out.

And Dante, Vergil and Nero are going crazy in the head. Dante insists upon a road trip (also possibly somewhat Supernatural influenced and also possible because I really need to get out of here) and Vergil's kind of dragged along for the ride, but really in his little, crazy Vergil way of his, it's him doing the dragging and Dante's the one following. They pick up Nero along the way and they have a blast, except when the emo angst gets a hold of them. Then things start to get crazy. It's AU so I'm just taking some liberties and working on my writing. Already pre-developed characters makes practice a little easier. Leaves me focusing less on their development and more on developing the story.

Also, Nero and Dante have been a little busy while I've been a bit... occupied. And left a mess while they were at it. I don't know what to think other than my muses are horny, horny bastards.

But not really, because Eva and Sparda were married and just don't get me started on Nero.

It doesn't end well, really.


In other news, I'm the director in school production of Grease, and we spent two frickin' hours going over casting. We think we have everything finalized, but we'll know better later. It was one long, migraine-inducing experience that I would like never to have to repeat again, but I get the feeling that I won't be so lucky.

What the fuck were they thinking, assigning me as the damn director? I can't do something like this. Compromise my fucking ass. Besides, it's not good to give me too much power. You'd think they'd realize that's a bad thing by now.

This is all, of course, close to pointless, because I'm just going to suck it up and do the job as well as I can. Because I'm a spineless wimp like that.

.....On a good day, at least.

And it's come to my attention that a good majority of the people I associate myself with day in and day out are 1) stupid, 2) /b/tards and therefore, again, 3) stupid.

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That One in the corner
Date: 2008-03-12 20:58
Subject: (no subject)
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Music:Numb by Linkin Park
Tags:devil may cry, original

1) Nero has now invaded my brain. He seems to have set himself up quite nicely over by Dante and Vergil's spot. Can't say I'm really surprised about any of this. I'm just glad he packs lightly and doesn't complain (much) when I drag them out for some fun.

2) Speaking of fun, I'm such a fucking pervert. My god, this is pushing it. I blame /y/. And maybe /cm/ just because.

2.5) Dante really seems to like The New Kid. Really seems to like him. And Vergil feels a bit left out. (Meaning I'll probably be the one to have to deal with the resulting explosions. Goodie....)

3) Arts will come once I get a chance to clean it all up a little. And when people aren't around to see me. (Contrary to popular belief, I do have some shame. It's just not much.) Stories in the works as well.

4) I need to really get to work. Science FCAT tomorrow and I don't give a shit, but it's also the last day of the nine-weeks and I have a good amount to do before school.

5) Dyme's finally been pushed out of the spotlight. Not too far, but he's no longer dead-center of my inner-universe. Seth kind of had his chance, but he just had some bad luck. What with Nero coming along and all. :D

6) I need new icons! D:

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That One in the corner
Date: 2008-03-11 04:07
Subject: Andy, You're a Star
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Tags:shadow hearts

After who knows how many years of searching, I now have my hands on a copy of the first Shadow Hearts game.

Andy, over at the local GameStop? A fucking saint. And everyone else working there, by extension and for having to deal with me, are also saints. Does someone need to be dead first before they can be beatified? Hell, is there already a saint of out-of-print video games?

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That One in the corner
Date: 2008-03-09 22:35
Subject: Epiphany
Security: Public
Music:Marooned -- Pink Floyd
Tags:devil may cry

I've come to a conclusion.

Shocking as it may or may not be, I like Nero. There, I've said it. Surprising, no? Considering the whole giving my heart away so easily thing that I have.

To fictional characters, no less. Personally, I'm amazed I still have some of my heart to give away at this point; I've spread it between so many different people/characters that I have difficulty remembering whom I have or have not fallen in love with at some point or another. Past, Present and Future.

Yes, Future.

But I digress, the point of this entire thing being: I really, truly like Nero. Albeit his significant lack of 1) a concrete story as to why he even has that bloody arm in the first place, 2) a personality besides overly-chessy yet still amusing one-liners and an obsessive yet oddly cute loving devotion for Kyrie (whom I have also come to like - what the hell is the world coming to?), and 3) staggering versatility in his skill list (read: his moves get rather old fast for my tastes. Some more weapons would remedy this immensely. Do you hear that Capcom?!), I still find myself liking this kid. (Heh, kid. Maybe Dante's rubbing off on me. Can't say I'm complaining.)

Wow, that was a long sentence. Deep breath.

After all is said and done and we - the player - wind up in control of Dante (I will give no spoilers besides that which should be common knowledge for anyone with even a fleeting interest in the game), there's an unmistakable cry of joy that can be heard from miles away.

Come now, what's a Devil May Cry game without Dante? What was Capcom thinking taking him out of the spotlight? Right? Right?


And yet, something just feels off. Perhaps it's the cheesy one-liners...?

Nope, still have those in adundence.

Maybe it's the moves?

Nope, Dante's array of attacks dwarfs Nero's.

...Then what?

After spamming the circle button of my SIAXIS controller and still not being satisfied by the level of carnage, I realized what i was missing.

The Devil Bringer.

Who knew being able to grab your enemies and slam them face first into the ground was so much fun? Who also knew that after playing as Nero for over half of the game, I'd have a habit of hitting R1 and circle whenever enemies flew out of striking distance, expecting them to fly back to me and instead only being sorely disappointed.

In other news, I need the fandom to revive itself. Badly. Before I succumb and end up posting my own fic (because that never ends well).

I also need new icons. I sense a recovery of my icon-making hobby. This could be good, or very, very bad. My money's on bad, personally.

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That One in the corner
Date: 2008-02-19 15:02
Subject: [info]chrysopoeia
Security: Public

Also known as [info]yamimagic in most circles. Still in the works of setting everything up.

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